Celebrating 20 years at Accuteque

Our CEO and Founder, Caroline Patton reflects on the journey of the last 20 years and celebrating this amazing milestone

The start of Accuteque

When I first started in business the plan was to ‘make a difference’ leaving everyone that we connected with, whether this be the team, our clients, or delivery partners, in a better place than when we started. In our 20 years of business, we have connected with over 2500 IT professionals, support staff, employees, clients and delivery partners. On reflection our engagements have developed long-term friendships, trusted business partnerships and an Accuteque Family that has presence across the globe. From this we have delivered success in change, delivering quality solutions, and contributed to enabling our clients to achieve their outcomes. From a humble Quality Assurance and Testing Service provider to what is now a comprehensive Management Consulting Firm Accuteque has achieved what many small to medium businesses have been unable to achieve and maintain – a culture that empowers the team, promotes self-efficacy, creativity, autonomy, and provides a safe environment for our team to bring their whole self to work. 

In 2002, I had just returned home to Australia from living in the United Kingdom and having worked with some amazing people, forged professional relationships that continue to flourish even to today.  Leveraging both local and global contacts – I set out to build an environment that Women with ICT skills who were returning to work, felt that they could bring their whole self to work, regain confidence and build their experience in a safe environment.  This, along with seeing that there was a gap in the market, I wanted to be able to offer professional testing as a service globally, irrespective of where the project was being led.   

20 years of Accuteque

Female Leadership

As a female leader in a largely male dominated world, I also wanted to demonstrate that ICT was a career option for other Women.  I wanted to break down some of the barriers, providing some amazing client journeys, showcasing our businesses, providing an alternative, competitive option, that delivers on their promise.   

I am proud to say that the Accuteque leadership team is 100% women, our Board has a 70/30 split female/male.  Our delivery team has a 50/50 split of female/male.  A goal that was set 20 years ago has been achieved and I feel privileged and proud of what we have built.   

Adding Value

Because brand is so important, I wanted the client to see that we were adding value and those who worked at Accuteque to feel that their work was valued, they were valued, and they were making a difference.  Wind the clock forward 20 years and not much of this has changed.  We have grown as a business and our services offerings have expanded.  Our team, the Accuteque family, has grown, with a diverse group of people who all come together with one goal, that being:  to leave the people that they engage with, our clients in a better position than when we started.  


It’s not been easy, throw in a global financial crisis and recently COVID, we have had to continuously adjust to suit the needs of the market and our clients.   One of the great outcomes from having to pivot is the creation of The AVR LAB.  What was once the Emerging Technology division within Accuteque has now become a business in its own right, providing Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality services to the APAC region.   

With all external environmental challenges there are opportunities for diversification and growth, Accuteque has taken these opportunities and grown as a business, servicing over 200 clients, throughout 50 different industries and developing the skills of team members both within the business and our Customers businesses. 

Thank you for the support

A shout out to some of our clients and partners that have made all of this possible:  Unisys, BP Australia, CGU, IAG, CBUS, NAB, RACV, AGL Energy, Guild Insurance, Experian, Plum Insurance, MLC Life, Pitcher Partners, Mercer, Unico, Dimension Data, Transurban, Sportsbet, Telstra, Dept of Health, NDIA, Seventh Beam, Save The Children, Hepatitis NSW, Western Chances, VCCI, Belong, AIA, Swinburne University, Westside Sealants, MAP Electrics, Australian Dental Council, Ballarat Health Services, Aesop, APA, KPMG, MLC, Refuge of Hope, SCT Logistics, FBT Transwest, Yarra Valley Water, Zynet, Dept of Human Services, IWDA. 

I am proud of what legacy I have been able to build. I am proud of my team (past and present) as without them we would not be where we are today, and I would not have learned so much about the uniqueness of the people that I have had the privilege of connecting with. 

In a services orientated industry, the key to success is integrity, team grit, honesty, transparency and diversity of thought and the willingness to go the extra mile. The team at Accuteque lives these values on a daily basis and has a positive impact on all those that they engage. 

I would like to thank our team, our customers and all our delivery partners that has been part of the Accuteque family – for getting us to 20 years! 

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