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    Agile Cooking

    What does your Cookbook look like? What type of cook are you? Do you prefer to follow a recipe step by step or do you create meals around a concept?  Are you an experienced cook with many years of experience or are you at the beginning of your cooking journey? Or,...

    Business Optimisation

    Business Optimization Post a global pandemic In 2008 we saw the Global Financial Crisis and in 2020 we saw the global effects of a pandemic (COVID-19).  Both external environmental impacts that rocked the world, our businesses, our livelihood and made us all take...

    School STEM Programs Made Easy

    We are passionate about STEM in schools. So much so that we have gone searching for emerging tech to make STEM easy for grade 5 through Year 10. If you share our passion, read on…

    Managing Change through COVID – tips for better outcomes

    Managing through change is hard at the best of times, throw in a global pandemic and see what falls out! Are you ready for your next change?

    Navigating Quality – How much testing is enough?

    When it comes to testing, how do you know when you have tested enough? Well this all depends upon your appetite for risk.

    What does Operational Excellence really mean?

    Operational Excellence sounds very grand and aspirational, but it’s actually the philosophy of how we do things at Accuteque