Founded by Caroline Patton, CEO, Accuteque is a wholly owned and run Australian business and has been providing professional services since 2003. Accuteque offers specialised advisory services, working with Clients, helping them transform their businesses into contemporary, digital organisations.

By offering independent, professional services, we aim to make our clients more profitable, more efficient and to drive economic prosperity. Our core purpose is to change the face of advisory by creating meaningful partnerships, embedding our solutions, and transforming our client’s businesses through our holistic, end-to-end approach. In short, we make businesses better at what they do. We combine industry best practice in methodologies, tools and people to provide pragmatic, efficient and economical solutions. Our aim is simple: ensure our clients are sustainable and successful.

At Accuteque, we do not believe in simply throwing resources at a problem until its solved. From our highly skilled consultants and trusted partners we carefully select a team that complements our client’s specific requirements. Through continuous investment in and development of our people, we ensure our clients always receive the best person for the job, aligning skillsets to needs. Creating an environment of continuous learning allows us to pass this valuable human capital on to our clients. We always take a tailored approach, with the strong belief that this is the best way to respond to the unique challenges and requirements of our clients.

From day 1 we have set out to differentiate ourselves in the Professional Services sector, from female leadership to ensuring we provide experts who enable our clients to create innovative solutions to complex business problems, securing their futures and ours.

Emerging Technology

Technology is changing at a rapid pace, altering the way we work and communicate. Organisations must learn to embrace these changes, or risk being left behind in this new reality. To ensure businesses are able to successfully integrate this new technology, our team is focused on education, training and support—allowing the introduction and adoption of augmented and virtual reality (AVR) and other emerging technologies into your team seamlessly.

The AVR Lab

To better engage our customers and demonstrate the opportunities created by these new technologies, we have built an Augmented and Virtual Reality (AVR) Lab in our office.

Our AVR Lab is an Australian first, creating a hardware and software-neutral space for users to test the latest in immersive technology to objectively determine the best way to meet their needs. Our team of skilled facilitators can help identify and scope business problems, discover opportunities and workshop innovative solutions.

From training alternatives that provide safe, real-life scenarios for high-risk skills-building (i.e. Surgical and Tele-health) or vocational education (i.e, Construction, Engineering and Mining) to new classroom experiences, the AVR Lab can provide the best technology solution for building deeper connections through learning and training.

We work with existing providers, enabling us to make recommendations aligned with the specific context an organisation is operating in, rather than retrofitting an existing solution.  Our prototype offering allows users to experience an early version of their idea prior to committing significant financial resources, and our managed services ensure they have the support they need well beyond the delivery of the project.

In January 2020, a decision was made to establish The AVR Lab as a separate business, focused on bringing the best AVR technology and solutions to the Australian and New Zealand market. For more information about The AVR Lab, visit our website. 

Working at Accuteque

We are always looking for amazing talent to join our team. Check out our current vacancies to find your next job at Accuteque.

As a supporter of diverse talents, Accuteque welcomes interest from suitably qualified individuals.

Ways of Working

Accuteque operate in a contemporary operating model, based on agility and self-managing teams.

At Accuteque we work collaboratively with our clients. We find that successful engagements are built on open and transparent relationships that build trust and respect, fostered and developed over time. Our collaborative approach ensures honest and timely information flow and exchange.

Our People are exceptional

At Accuteque we boast an engaged and vibrant workforce who are passionate about what they do. We understand our clients, their needs and go the extra mile in delivering quality outcomes.

We are innovative, team players who thrive on pace and adapt to change who listen, as well as contribute, and together we uphold Accuteque’s reputation for excellence in everything we do.

Employee Value Proposition

Accuteque has always strived to provide our team with a work environment that promotes growth, flexibility and positive wellbeing.
Our Accuteque Value Proposition (AVP) articulates the value our company can offer our team both tangibly and intrinsically. For the employee, it answers the question, “What’s in it for me?” and for the employer, it serves to attract new talent aligned with company goals and values while retaining current talent.