Operational Transformation


About NAB


National Australia Bank (nab) is one of the four largest financial institutions in Australia in terms of market capitalisation, earnings and customers.  Data Services and Platforms (DS&P) is responsible for engaging with customer facing divisions and delivering the data, technology and services to support NAB’s Enterprise Data Strategy.


What was required


With a new GM and a new leadership team, NAB DS&P were keen to understand whether the current operating model (including culture and behaviours) would be sustainable and would support NAB’s current and future strategic direction.  There was an overarching desire to remain relevant in a market where data trends were continually changing; and a need to remain ahead of the game.


What we did


Accuteque’s task was to complete an evaluation and provide a recommendation for the future.  This resulted in DS&P undergoing an operational and organisational transformation from a traditional to a contemporary model.  Modern frameworks were introduced, and new behaviours and ways of working were incorporated into the day to day operations of the team.


The team worked from a People First perspective collaborating with the leadership team to evolve and fashion an operating model and rhythm that worked for them and their teams.  We applied our own values of empowerment, transparency and collaboration to demonstrate a different way of thinking; developing an operating model that gave DS&P people hope for a brighter future.


Early on we identified that people had a history of changes being done to the teams.  So, we engineered an approach that allowed us to co-create with key and business stakeholders to ensure buy in and sustainability.  We adopted an iterative test and learn approach that created a safe place for employees to share their concerns and blockers and facilitated deep dive sessions with representatives across DS&P to get a broad diversity of thought and suggestions for unlocking value and potential.


DS&P has reimagined itself implementing the proposed operating model focusing on an alignment to value streams as well as clear service functions to support the delivery of business value.

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