Operational Excellence

 What do we mean?

Our Services

Operational Excellence is a key service for Accuteque and complements our other streams of Emerging Technology and Quality Assurance. Everything we do is designed to help your organisation achieve operational excellence.

Whether we are assisting you to clarify your strategic intent, supporting you in a transformation, facilitating better internal alignment or working with you to review some aspect of organisational performance, we aim to deliver sustainable improvement.

We seek to understand the context that you operate in and tailor our approach accordingly. This means considering the organisational culture, your drivers, and organisational capacity for change so that we move at a pace and scale that works for you.

We make sure we understand your goals and what your measures of success are so that we know when we have achieved success.
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Organisational Review

We all need to reflect on what is working well and where performance can be strengthened, evolved or disrupted. Our experience, paired with your business knowledge, allows us to uncover new opportunities for success.

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Organisation Transformation

The pace of change is increasing, and companies need to continuously adapt to stay relevant. Whether you are focusing on a closing a gap with People, Process, Technology or all three, we can help you avoid the pitfalls and get there faster.

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ICT Strategy

Good strategy creates clarity. It reveals opportunities to be captured and capabilities required to succeed. We unpack and visualise the future as you see it so that we are all heading in the right direction – beyond just the technology.

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Agile Coaching

From Enterprise Coaches that work with senior leaders to guidance, support and encouragement for teams looking to embrace agile methodologies our consultants have real agile delivery experience. Delivered In plain English.

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Agile Governance

How do you reconcile agile and governance in the same breath? By starting with respect, working collaboratively and understanding that both are about delivering value, balancing risk, and maintaining alignment.

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Ways of Working

Good ways of working enable empowered teams, operating with transparency and collaborating with people. It is about continuously improving our environments and creating a workplace that retains valuable people and skills.