Accuteque Academy – Business Users Testing 101 Training

Accuteque Academy held its first onsite Testing Training at Charles Darwin Univeristy.

We recently had the opportunity to travel to Darwin to Charles Darwin University where we held our Business Users Testing 101 2-day course. Trainees represented the various business areas of the University where they will be involved in a Digital Transformation program, positioning the University as a digital first school, with contemporary systems and technology, for both students and faculty. 

Training covered all aspects of testing, including test management, test planning, test analysis, test preparation, test execution, stakeholder engagement, defect management, test environment management, release management, and “How to” guides for JIRA and Zephyr Scale.  While these may not have been part of the day-to-day work of the trainees, it helped put their tasks into the bigger context.

The Business Users Testing 101 program was tailored to align to the project delivery approach and tools that were relevant to the trainees.  As all trainees were from the same project, they had a shared understanding of its objectives, challenges, and opportunities. This helped them work together on exercises and they also gained from answers to questions that others were asking.  In-person training helped build energy and hopefully infect the team with the “Joy of Testing”.


When we deliver these training sessions, we always look to receive feedback as part of our continuous improvement.   

We felt (and the feedback supported this) that the training could be 50% longer, 3 days instead of 2. 
Include members of the test team from other projects being involved in the training – to participate in exercises and also during discussions on the project’s specific test framework.   

Some feedback we received from the attendees: 

Charles Darwin University Logo
CDU Business Users Training 101 - Attendees

Mary Batzakis, Tanu Parial and Caroline Patton from Accuteque delivered the training at CDU.

“The facilitators were excellent! I feel the content could have been spread over 3 days possibly.” 

“Tanu is very engaging and obviously has high mastery of the subject matter.  She kept me attentive throughout the session. Perhaps additional activities or exercises with feedback loops could be an improvement.  Overall, I am satisfied with the delivery of the facilitators.” 

“Fantastic team, I don’t have anything to say to improve the training.” 

Training Participants

Charles Darwin University

We were given an NPS score of 84 for how likely the trainees would recommend this training to a friend or colleague.  Which is a great result.  

The Future

With more training programs in the calendar for the remainder of 2022, our plans for the future include more specialised training, such as:
* Risk and testing – how to balance risk based testing and quality
* Testing for continuous delivery teams
* Leveraging testing for leaders (in project and continuous delivery modes)
* The art and science of test management

Accuteque Academy training caters for standalone offering to individuals and clients, but also packaged into our overall testing service offering to clients. 

Learn more about Accuteque Academy by emailing us at today. 

Some of the incredible sites from Darwin and the CDU and Accuteque teams during the on site training. 

CDU Business Users Training 101 - Indigenous Poles
Darwin Sunset
42CDU Business Users Training 101 - Attendees

October 05, 2022

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