Accuteque and mentor(SHE:)

Partnering to retain and progress women in technology through mentoring

Mentor(SHE:) – Vic ICT for Women 


Vic ICT for Women’s leading mentoring program, mentor(SHE:), provides mentoring for women in ESTEAM fields. It creates an accessible, one on one environment, that builds confidence, provides networking opportunities, and facilitates professional development, by meticulously matching you with your very own mentor. Vic ICT for Women’s mission is to provide and engage women at all stages of their career with service pillar programs. They are determined to provide inclusivity to all women through their opportunities and programs. It is a volunteer run not-for-profit organisation, founded in 2005, aiming to increase the entry, retention, and progress of women in the technology industries. 

What is ESTEAM? 


ESTEAM stands for Environment, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.  

Mentor She 2022 cohort

The 2022 mentor(SHE:) cohort. 

Accuteque supporting Women in IT 


As a female founded and majority female led IT organisation, Accuteque have actively supported industry organisations promoting diversity and inclusion. Our team is exceptionally diverse in dimensions such as gender, culture, background, age, and even location within Australia. By giving our team more opportunities to progress and maintain their careers in IT, it creates a more equitable industry for all. Accuteque’s Head of Quality Assurance, Tanu Parial is a current mentor in the program and is part of the organising committee for mentor(SHE:)mentor(SHE:) helps retain female talent in the senior levels of technology and give them the supports and networks they need to progress in their careers. This makes it a natural partnership for Accuteque to be involved in, and we look forward to supporting mentor(SHE:) for many years to come.  

Mentoring can support career progression in a number of ways, for example during a transition to a new organisation or a new country, taking on a new challenges in your current role or even proving a sounding board to manage tricky situations at work. It gives the mentees access to a safe and nonjudgmental person who can share their personal experiences and insights, and give an outside perspective. While mentor(SHE:) is focused on providing mentoring for women (with men and women mentors from the broader industry), at Accuteque we also have mentoring triads which all team members are encouraged to participate in.  

Networking Event October 2022 


Accuteque is a sponsor for the mentor (SHE:) program in 2022. Our involvement started with a networking event which was held in October this year, for the mentor(SHE:) program mentors and mentees. Tanu Parial and Olivia Fenton from the Accuteque team heard from the Chair of Vic ICT for Women’s Chris Skipper-Conway  about the importance of getting a good match with your mentor and mentee, making the program and relationship work to your benefit through setting goals, and getting advice and assistance to work towards and achieve those goals. The attendees took the opportunity to enjoy an in-person evening and make connections for the future.


Christmas Event 2022 


On December 6th, mentor(SHE:) end of year celebration was held with many mentors and mentees sharing their experiences and stories from the previous year. It gave the cohort an opportunity to celebrate the conclusion of the 2022 program in person, in some cases even meeting their mentor for the first time such as Tanu. It was a lively event with lots of conversations and laughter, it even included mentees who have signed for the 2023 program to give them a feel of the community they are about to join.


Show your support 


Go to the Vic ICT for Women’s website to find out more information and how you can get involved in participating in the mentor(SHE:) program or support the organisation today.   

mentor (she:)
Tanu sharing her experience of participating in the program

Tanu sharing her experience of participating in the program.  

The mentor she committee

The mentor(SHE:) committee celebrating another great year. 

mentor (she:) networking event - Tanu and Olivia

Tanu and Olivia at the October 2022 networking event. 

 Tanu, with her mentor and long standing participant Jenny,

Tanu, with her mentor, Gavin, and long standing member of the program, Jennie. 

December 12, 2022

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