Recalibrate Gender Equity Awards 2022

Accuteque was a finalist at the Business in Heels Recalibrate Gender Equity Awards 2022

Recalibrate Gender Equity Awards 

On Wednesday 16th November members of the Accuteque team attended the Business in Heels Recalibrate Gender Equity Awards at Crown in Melbourne. Our team had a variety of attendees from both divisions of Quality Assurance and Operational Excellence.  

Accuteque was finalist in the small to medium businesses category along with GippSport, Your Hart 2 Hart and The Cryogenics Group. We were very humbled and appreciative of being recognized for our policies and practices to ensure that we operate as an equitable workplace and an employer of choice for all. We would like to acknowledge the winner of our category – GippSport, who also won the overall company award for Gender Equality. They have been advocating for gender equality by implementing a range of programs in the sporting community in Gippsland. Read more about the great work they have been doing here

During the evening we heard some incredible stories from the other finalists and winners in their respective categories. The guest speakers Bianca Hartge-Hazelman, MD Financy and Mary Woolridge, Director at Workplace Gender Equality Agency spoke about the importance of Gender Equity in all workplaces, how equality can start in the home and how recognition of change is an important step in having a wider influence on society’s gender equality mission. The awards were created to reduce inequity that has increased during the COVID pandemic as described by the CEO of Business in Heels, Lisa Sweeney.

The evening was a great chance to connect with the other attendees, finalists and winners, as well as recognize the impact of Accuteque equitable practices which are part our DNA. We will continue to value that strength that diversity has brought us and ensure it is advocated for in our industry.  

    Gender Equity Awards Team photo
    Gender Equity Awards Full Team photo

    Gender Equity and Accuteque  

    The Workplace Gender Equality Agency is an Australian Government statutory agency created by the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012. The Agency is tasked with promoting and improving gender equality in workplaces across Australia. In a 2022 Gender Equity Insights Report by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA), one of the ways forward is to “more women to work in traditionally male-dominated sectors such as mining, manufacturing, science and technology”. Accuteque is in the IT and consulting fields, and we are heavily involved in technology and its instrumental use in our ways of working. We have always encouraged women to continue and flourish in IT careers and have participated in sponsorships in this area such as Mentor(She: ) for Vic ICT 4 women among others.  

    The vision of the Recalibrate Gender Equity awards is to create equality for all, and the Business in Heels goals being on the same wavelength of –  

    • FOCUS on excellence 
    • SHARE & CELEBRATE best practice  
    • ACKNOWLEDGE great behaviour  
    • ENCOURAGE improvement  
    • EXPEDITE 50/50 before 2130 

    At Accuteque our mission is to make a difference in our clients, team members and the community. Our values include people are empowered, to create an environment that allows autonomy, mastery & purpose to thrive in a safe and sustainable way; and collaboration and co-creation, through building capability and support high functioning teams, accepting authentic selves, sharing our knowledge, and coaching others. These tie in well to the ethos of both the awards and business in heels and demonstrated Accuteque’s commitment to creating a work environment that promotes equity for all.  

    Business in Heels – The Power of a Social Contract

    Business in Hells wrote an article about the Accuteque’s social contract and how it empowers our team to make a difference to each other, Accuteque and our clients. Read the article below to find out more about how the social contract keeps Accuteque aligned and operateing with a common purpose through this unique approach. 

    Accuteque - Gender Equity Awards Group Photo
    GE Awards Accuteque and Finalists
    Accuteque GE Awards - QA Team
    GE Awards Accuteque Finalist

    November 21, 2022

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