School STEM Programs made Easy

Setting up STEM programs in a school for the first time can be difficult.  Despite government incentives and programs, teachers still need to be given the support to be able to teach STEM skills in the classroom.  Many educators are left scratching their heads on how to best implement STEM in their own learning spaces.

STEM is important for upcoming generations because future jobs will require problem solving skills, innovative and creative thinking and digital skills.  Future generations need to learn how to think critically and flexibly in order to adapt to this rapidly changing world.

Some American schools and colleges are leading the way and adhere to four STEM education standards that can be applied here in Australia.  Namely

  1. Provide challenging content and an inquiry-based, experiential curriculum that is clearly defined and understood
  2. Create an Inquiry based learning environment where teachers and their students work together as active learners
  3. Clearly defines outcomes and goals that can be assessed and measured
  4. Operate within a program of sustained commitment and community support with strong leadership and sufficient resources

These standards also support the areas for action in the National STEM School Education Strategy 2016-2026

As part of our Emerging Technology services, The AVR Lab has recently become a local distributer for BrainCo ( an American business at the forefront of STEM research.  BrainCo also develops cognitive training technology products for education, fitness, and wellness.  We are excited at the prospect of introducing a STEM kit for schools  that is based on BrainCo’s prosthetic hand that won Time Magazine’s Top 100 Inventions of the Year in 2019.

The BrainCo STEM Kit provides a fully customizable learning experience for students of all ages.  Based on the same technology used in the real prosthetic, the kit is an excellent entry point for students to learn about robotics, prosthetics, coding, and all aspects of STEM.  The kit is supported by curriculum guides, worksheets and PowerPoint slide decks making it extremely easy and supportive for teachers to introduce this as part of their curriculum for schools.

While the BrainCo STEM Kit addresses the first of the 3 standards defined above, Accuteque intends to reach out to businesses and organisations to develop industry to school support and partnerships to promote broader adoption and create a pipeline of students who could consider careers in STEM.

For more information on the BrainCo STEM kit, click here.

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