Cybersecurity Partnership with SecurEyes

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Cybersecurity partnership

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Accuteque is proud to announce a strategic cybersecurity partnership with SecurEyes, further solidifying our position in the Australian market for our established testing services while simultaneously extending our management consulting offerings to the space of Cybersecurity Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC). This collaboration brings forth comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, including specialist skills in application security testing, penetration testing, and vulnerability assessments, leveraging our experience of over twenty years in the field.

With this partnership, businesses will have access to enterprise-grade cybersecurity and risk management capabilities, enabling them to address their unique security needs effectively. In addition, the SecurEyes suite of software solutions provides clients with purpose-built tools and systems to support their cybersecurity initiatives.

cybersecurity partnership announcement - accuteque

Forging a powerful cybersecurity partnership

“This partnership will enable us to establish a foothold in the Australian market, particularly as Australian customers are placing a greater emphasis on cybersecurity. This collaboration between SecurEyes and Accuteque will allow us to offer a comprehensive solution that includes both consulting and product offerings, providing Australian customers with access to our expertise and enabling us to expand our footprint in the global market.”

Karmendra Kohli

CEO and Director, SecurEyes

“This partnership is a testament to how businesses can work together, collaborating to provide the market with best of breed service,” says Caroline Patton, CEO and Managing Director of Accuteque. “Offering an alternative option from the larger Tier 1 consulting firms to businesses across Australia.  Being part of a consortium of small to medium businesses means that we have the ability to demonstrate business agility, speed to market and helping our clients to strengthen their cyber resilience. Partnering with SecurEyes not only strengthens our GRC services with the additional focus on cybersecurity, but also empowers our clients with the tools and systems to optimise their security function. We are confident that introducing SecurEyes to the Australian market will solidify Accuteque’s position as the go-to SME professional consulting company.”

Caroline further adds, “We have found much common ground with the team at SecurEyes, from their commitment to excellence and their focus on customer outcomes, to their emphasis on creating an inclusive workplace. Our cultural alignment will give our clients a seamless experience when engaging our collective services.”

Caroline Patton

Founder and CEO, Accuteque Global Pty Ltd

Cybersecurity partnership

About Accuteque

Accuteque Global Pty Ltd is a Management Consulting firm, founded by Caroline Patton in 2002, that has been providing services to the Australian and New Zealand markets for over 20 years. The company’s focus has been on finding the right solution for its clients’ business challenges through specialised advisory services in Quality Assurance and Business Transformation.  

Accuteque works with clients to help transform their businesses into contemporary, digital organisations. Our core purpose is to change the face of advisory by creating meaningful partnerships, embedding our solutions, and optimising our client’s businesses through our holistic, end-to-end approach.

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Cybersecurity partnership

About SecurEyes

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SecurEyes is a specialised cybersecurity advisory, consulting, and product development company which has operations in India, Middle East, Africa, North America, and Asia. The company is headquartered in Bengaluru (India) and has eight offices across India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and the USA. Over the last 16+ years, SecurEyes has worked with a wide range of prestigious clients across various industry sectors and business domains. With its experienced team of cybersecurity experts, SecurEyes is dedicated to helping organisations protect their valuable assets from cyber threats by providing customised solutions. 

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Our Cybersecurity services

See our new cybersecurity services offerings or contact one of our team today to find out how we can help you.

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