A New Perspective on


Social Contracts

How I discovered social contracts

Michelle’s recent discussion about Accuteque’s social contracts formation and writing process has made me reflect on my own introduction to our social contract. Having never heard of the term before this new type of agreement sounded quite daunting to explore and contribute to. During the revision process I heard the team state that they were reviewing the social contract to ensure it was relevant and simplified, which included a lot of back and forth internally. Shortly after, the new Accuteque social contract was presented to the wider Accuteque team including the process of how it came to be. Only then did I truly understand what a social contract really meant.  

On an everyday level, a social contract could be used in the workplace, home, or in your favourite piece of society, for example at a sporting team or poetry club. Our social contracts are a defining way for everyone to contribute and agree to a set of standards that define the behaviour that they will emulate. Awareness, collaboration, deliverables and transparency underpin the process undertaken to develop our social contract.  

Interacting with our Social Contract

During its presentation the reassurance that it was a working document, made me feel empowered to be able to actively contribute to future modifications. We were also encouraged to actively sign up to participate in it. This provides d everyone who signs up with accountability and a chance to discuss it with our team going forward. We can refer back to the contract for what it does and does not mean, breaking down each standard and using easy, transferable language that relates to us all.   

In society we have an obligation to abide by the legal rules, but the social rules are a different kettle of fish. We expect everyone to be held to a certain standard but what does that mean? Respecting others could mean different things to different people; whose opinion is more valid, are there concepts within that standard that we agree on and can work towards displaying in our day-to-day behaviour? 

A New Perspective on the Future

Going forward I look forward to creating social contracts in different areas of my life to add value and positively contribute to mutually beneficial outcomes. Perhaps a good place to start will be the people I am living with!  

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