Quality Assurance and AEM

About RACV

The Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV) is a motoring club and mutual organisation which provides its members with a range of products and services in the areas of motoring and mobility, home, leisure, financial services and general insurance.

What was required

RACV were undertaking a rapid 3-month Digital Uplift Program that required them to spin up four feature teams to deliver value into Production, in fortnightly iterations.
Accuteque were asked to provide Quality Assurance ownership for this Program which required resourcing of seven QA team members to provide support to the Feature Teams (two team members in three teams, and one team member in one team), in addition to a Program Test Manager to provide the overall Quality and Testing Strategy for this Program, and govern the quality of delivery.

What we did

Whilst Accuteque were responsible for the quality of delivery through testing for the four streams of work within the Program, there was still a BAU operational stream also integrating and releasing AEM code into the same code base.

Accuteque were required to provide oversight, governance and assurance activities at a holistic release level, above and beyond the needs of the Program, and work with an offshore Vendor to assist in delivery at a release level.

The resources provided by Accuteque were all flexible and adaptable to the roles required of them throughout the Program at a stream delivery level, and at an integrated code release level.

The team members assured cross-stream collaboration and conversations to assure that anything they were delivering from their workstream, would not have impacts to the other workstreams.

With many of the Accuteque team having worked together before, it allowed them to collaborate more readily then if they were individual test consultants working on the Program.  With Program Quality and Test Governance being provided by the Principal of Quality Assurance for Accuteque, there was senior ownership of the quality of the outcomes and delivery.


The following items were delivered by Accuteque in the Program:

  • Review Program Scope and make recommendation on Resource Profile required to deliver
  • Digital Quality and Test Strategy
  • Manual Test Cases
  • Test Execution
  • Automation Framework and Proof of Concept for AEM Regression Testing
  • Defect Management
  • Test Summary Reports
  • Templates within Confluence for the above documents
  • Quality Governance of the Program


Accuteque were able to support the Q4 Program to be successful and deliver fortnightly quality releases into Production.

There were no Production issues as a result of the fortnightly releases, which shows the quality of the testing and governance framework put in place by Accuteque.

The Automation Proof of Concept covered 5 Critical forms on the RACV website (out of 300).  Automation of the 5 forms for regression testing saved RACV, assuming 1 regression run in each environment of Test, Stage and Production, approximately 15 minutes per fortnight.

The Proof of Concept was completed successfully and provided RACV with a regression test framework they continue to use to automate additional website critical items.
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