Australia Council
for the Arts

Change and Service Management

About Australia Council for the Arts

The Australia Council for the Arts is the Australian Government’s arts funding and advisory body. Their focus is on increasing the visibility of Australia’s vibrant arts and culture, and recognising the evolving way that Australians make and experience art. A core activity for the Council is the delivery of significant grant funding for Australian arts organisations and artists.


What was required

Following the implementation of a simplified grant allocation across all art forms in 2015, it was time to review the grants process. It was critical to determine how a service model focused on the needs of artists and arts organisations across multiple disciplines could support the successful transition to a simplified grants program and enhance the reputation of the organisation.

Accuteque was involved in a Client Service Model Project whose purpose was to recommend process improvements in support of a Client Service Model for handling grant applications.


What we did

The Project was undertaken in three stages:

  1. Literature review – key attributes and elements of client focused service delivery, best practice in grants management and varying models of grants management.
  2. Stakeholder consultation – views of staff, artists and art organisations on the current approach by Australia Council to servicing potential and existing grant applicants; strengths of current grant management processes; and opportunities for improvement of current grant management processes.
  3. Model development – current grants management processes, process improvements and characteristics of a client focused service model for the Australia Council.

Key areas were identified in the new design of a contemporary client focused service model that improved the grants process.

Accuteque worked with the team to develop a change approach that strongly engaged staff in implementation of the model. Accuteque facilitated a process whereby staff and management worked together to develop new ‘rules of engagement’ that embodied the vision for a contemporary client service model.

Throughout, Accuteque has supported the change process by remaining open to making changes to the project brief and training and development program as our joint thinking has evolved, asking questions and providing advice at key points and working as a partner rather than just an expert.


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