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Business Health Check

About AM Assurance

AM Assurance is one of Malaysia’s fastest growing general insurers and is based in Kuala Lumpur. They provide motor, home and accident insurance as well as roadside assistance.


What was required

Referred by CGU, Accuteque was engaged to provide a strategic review of the current AmGeneral Quality Assurance practices and Test Environment design and management. This review established that there was a need to develop a sustainable, cost effective test environment, inclusive of test harnesses and stubs that provide a level of testing and integration validations that would be deemed acceptable by the Executive of AmGeneral Insurance.


What we did

Accuteque undertook a discovery assessment onsite in Kuala Lumpur with infrastructure, network and business subject matter experts to better understand the current environment and the business requirements.

Accuteque then presented a recommendation advising what would be needed to enable the business to build a test region and subsequently test the business processes, ensuring that the solution was fit for business use.

Undertaking this assessment contributed to the various risk mitigation strategies that could then be applied to the project. In  addition to providing a framework to build a solid test environment, it was established that it would ensure rigorous coverage of the business functions, reducing the risk of business continuity deficiencies in production.  An increased level of Quality Assurance Governance was also recommended with changes to the organisational structure of the QA and Testing department.

The key lesson learned on this engagement was the importance of project governance. AM General did not have in place any consistent reporting in a centralised solution in order to enable transparency and auditability.  No formal Risks and Issues register was used.  Notes were taken either manually or on Excel for discussion at project meetings.  There were also no change control procedures in place, and as a result, change management was not handled in a consistent and controlled manner.  This was causing projects to run in a chaotic manner.  Following a health check, Accuteque compiled a report (ideas and solutions with regards to methods and processes from the Accuteque Project Management Framework) which was well received, and consequently Accuteque was asked to propose a process to commence implementing the recommendations.


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