Customer Experience Transformation (CXT) Capability Uplift at AGL

Our team helped facilitate a $300 million-dollar Customer Experience Transformation (CXT) Capability Uplift at AGL that had agility and digital delivery at its core. Seven of our consultants were involved in this project in various capacities. One of these was involved in the capability uplift program which was a key part of the transformation. This case study demonstrates how we trialed emerging agile delivery options, supported transformational change through capability uplift and improved the quality of service and reliability of business services and processes.

About AGL

AGL Energy Ltd is public company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.  AGL are involved in both the generation and retailing of electricity and gas for residential and commercial use.  They have a legacy of over 180 years providing electricity to the Australia market.

What was required

With a large transformation, teams needed to understand the implications of agile@scale, the processes and procedures of governance needed to change, and delivery metrics were required to demonstrate and report on value delivered.

What we did

The organisation scaled from 5 to 48 delivery teams across four value streams within a 6-month period, successfully training over 500 team members. This included a pragmatic implementation of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) with certified IC Agile Fundamentals training plus specialist certified SAFe training in Product Ownership and Scrum Master capability. Three of our consultants have certifications that formally delivered this training.

Internal Training was provided on a regular schedule so that people could self-select the best time to attend training.  All courses were delivered face to face across the country. Since then and given the current response to the Pandemic of COVID-19, Accuteque and its sub-contractors have developed remote training to be able to deliver all courses remotely.

Training is statistically proven to increase productivity of staff by over 30%.

At AGL, adoption of the new ways of working was increased, confusion removed in the organisation on how to approach project and teamwork and productivity increased due to improved collaboration and transparency. The training programs were in high demand and booked out in advance with a Net Promoter Score of 9+.

The Result

The CXT program was run successfully on time and on budget delivering great value to AGL. The program included governance delivery metrics in the form of objectives achieved, benefits defined and reached, team maturity assessments and a common cadence of delivery across the organisation that the capability team developed and deployed.

As part of the transformation we also developed a service design and delivery framework that mapped the end to end process of concept to cash.  This process implementation reduced overall project governance times leading to efficiencies.  Approval processes that used to take months were reduced to days and weeks.  We initiated product teams which meant that work was brought to the team rather than teams to the work and build and run approaches led to better customer value.  It also meant that we were able to stand up initiatives quickly without the ramp up in people and materials.

An entirely new benefits management framework was put in place, tied specifically to the companies P&L. Using this framework, initiatives were tracked from the beginning to understand their potential value and monitored in their ability to deliver benefit. During execution, the monitoring capability was built; post-implementation the team measured and learned from the actual benefits that were realised.

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