Performance Load & Volume Testing


Do you have the need for speed?  Performance getting you down?  When it comes to a solution, performance is key. 

Users, whether they are internal or public, expect responsiveness. 

If your internal system is slow you will hear about it from employees through the increase in incidents being raised associated to poor performance. 

If your public facing website or application is slow, you will not hear about it.  Users will elect to stop using your site or app purely because it does not meet their expectation when it comes to performance.  This results in loss business and possibly, with the increase use of social media, the grape vine will spread, and you may be overlooked by many.

Performance Testing will not only ensure the system can handle the expected user load, but also ensure that transactions respond within expected timeframes.  Adding this type of testing to the CI/CD pipeline can allow us to pinpoint when a potential performance deficiency was introduced into the build.  Furthermore, having a solid performance testing framework will be beneficial when running resilience and DR testing.


What we do

How do you solve for this?  Simple, check your speed and responsiveness.  Or in other words, get your skates on and run some performance tests!

For over 10 years Accuteque has been conducting performance testing for a range of clients, across both internal applications and public apps or websites. The experience and skills of our team is what will drive quality and value for you.  Our exceptionally talented team will provide you with an insight of what’s performing, how’s its performing and where you may need to address issues.


How we can help you

We focus our efforts on key performance problems.

A typical performance testing engagement can be between 3-10 days and are costed on an affordable Fixed-Price basis. 


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