For over 22 years Accuteque have been pursuing a goal to make a difference for our clients and their businesses. We strive to deliver high quality IT consulting services to clients with experienced, value driven people.

Our Services

Building Operational Excellence

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Operational Excellence sounds very grand and aspirational, but it’s actually the philosophy of how we do things at Accuteque.  We want to invest in ongoing and continuous improvement for ourselves and for you.

Assuring Your

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Performing good Quality Assurance and Testing on a new system or process is like taking out insurance when buying a car. You can choose to do the basics or get comprehensive cover. At Accuteque, we are your insurance policy.

Keeping Your Systems


Our latest service in Cybersecurity comes from market demand of this ever changing landscape, and the importance of securing your systems and processes.

Blog Posts

Innovate for Equity

Innovate for Equity

Innovate for Equity Bringing diversity into cybersecurity to protect everyone.In the month of February, I was part of a few events that were cybersecurity related. The first was a panel about "Women in Security", hosted at Splunk. Another was my own talk at "Test...



International Women's Day Hear about our team's experiences and passions to engage in a world of equality through championing equity. As a female founded and female led IT consultancy in a mainly male dominated industry Accuteque celebrate the achievements of women...