Accuteque’s Approach


Our overarching approach to any engagement starts with gaining Insight into your operation; we propose Options or hypotheses for the way forward and how we can work collaboratively to improve, solve or develop changes to achieve your goals.  We then run small Experiments with your teams where we help them prepare for change, introduce the change and assess and review progress.  Our approach is iterative, collaborative and transparent and aligns to lean change management principles.

Our team have worked in both traditional and contemporary businesses where they have performed strategic, operational and delivery roles.  They have the practical experience to support the theoretical knowledge that provides your business with the agility needed to make the difference that you are seeking.  We act as trusted advisors where we create value by working alongside your team, building capability, and challenging people to think differently and learn along the way.

We bring to our engagement a range of theories, tools and practices that we draw upon to help you and your teams work towards operational excellence.  Many of them we have applied to our own organisation or have used successfully in previous engagements. We are always open to learning and are also not afraid of trying something new if we think that it will lead to a quality outcome or will improve the flow of value or will help your organisation to grow.

The Accuteque Framework for achieving Operational Excellence

Our knowledge and experience in working with clients has identified four key elements that we believe contribute significantly to organisational excellence.  These elements are: having a clear purpose and an articulated strategy for achieving purpose; ensuring that the organisation is aligned to their strategy; reviewing operational performance on a regular basis; and continuing to change and transform the organisation.  We have shaped our services around these to form the Accuteque Diamond.

Organisational Transformation – The pace of change is increasing, and organisations need to continuously adapt to stay relevant.  Whether you are focusing on People, Process, Technology or all three, we can help you avoid the pitfalls and get there faster.

Clarify Strategy – Why the focus on strategy? Good strategy creates clarity.  It helps reveals opportunities to be captured and the capabilities required to succeed.  In any engagement we need to understand and visualise the future as you see it so that we are all heading in the right direction.

Organisational Review – Change is now an acceptable norm and to understand where and what needs to change you need to continually reflect on what is working well and where performance can be strengthened, evolved or disrupted.  Our experience and different perspectives, together with your understanding of your business, means we can identify what is working well, areas for improvement, and uncovering root causes that are not evident at first glance.

Create Alignment – Alignment starts with being clear about purpose and having a strategy for achieving it, and then creating the right environment so that the culture is also aligned. This includes behavioural norms and ways of working that support the desired culture.  We can help by working with your people to understand and create what they need to enable them to enact upon your strategy and achieve purpose.

The services we offer our clients generally fall within one or more of these points; we mix and match tools, practices and approaches to achieve the best outcome.  

Accuteque Ways of Working

Accuteque operate in a contemporary operating model, based on agility and self-managing teams.  At Accuteque we work collaboratively with our clients.  We find that successful engagements are built on open and transparent relationships that build trust and respect, fostered and developed over time.  Our collaborative approach ensures honest and timely information flow and exchange.

Accuteque’s Agile Ways of Working is about continuously evolving how we work.  The values and behaviours we bring to our clients include building empowered teams, operating with transparency and collaborating and co-creating with your people. Our ways of working directly relate to how we can help you find your way of working.

We believe strongly in co-design and share the responsibility for any change with key members of the client team.   The Accuteque team guides and facilitates the process to ensure all voices are heard, to manage differences, to create opportunities for consensus-building and to constructively challenge.  Key Leaders and people will be active participants, their experience and knowledge enriching the process of information gathering, sense making, scenario analysis and recommendations.

The driver for our service is to ensure that we leave a client in a better position than when we started.   Our intent is to ensure that our clients understand our role is to be an enabler, a guide and a coach through the change.  Our success is demonstrated in our clients’ ability to be able to continue to embed the change through the leadership capability and guardrails that we have built through our change programs.

Stakeholder Management

Key to Accuteque’s ongoing success is the strength of our ongoing relationship with our clients – especially post our engagement.  We understand that good relationships, based on mutual trust, increase confidence, minimize uncertainty and speed problem solving and decision-making.  work collaboratively with our clients to ensure efficient and timely information flow and exchange

  • consult early and often to ensure that requirements are well understood, and approaches are tested early
  • leave a client in a better position than when we started. We plan our exit as part of the start of our engagement and work openly and transparently to that end
  • become trusted advisors who work alongside your team, building your capability, challenging them to think differently and step outside of their comfort zones, testing and learning along the way