Organisational Transformation

Reimagining your business

Organisational transformation occurs when you need to close a gap. A big gap. Typically, the genesis of change often relates to a change in corporate leadership. This may not be just a physical change, such as the commencement of a new C-suite individual. It may also be a mental or a mindset shift on behalf of incumbents.

Organisational transformation may be required because of new technology, new markets, complacency, innovation. Anything that disrupts the status quo. COVID-19 is a major disruptor that has caused many companies to adopt transformative change. Conversely, coming out of this global social experiment may also force the hand for many organisations who want to adopt their new normal or change their ways of working.

Regardless of how you make the decision, transformative change involves people. And for any change you will have your early adopters, people who are ready and pushing the change. You will have your detractors; the individuals who like things the way they are and see no reason for change, thank you very much. And you have the rest – the people who fill the bell curve of your organisation.

What all these people have in common is the desire to be heard, and to understand how what they do today will be done tomorrow. Creating a sense of purpose, and a vision for the transformed organisation is key to success.

What we do

One of the first things that Accuteque will do is recommend an Organisation Review to understand your challenges and gain insight into how you work today.

We will help you re-imagine how you want to do business tomorrow.

And we will collaborate with you to develop a roadmap and plan to get you there. We will listen to your people and seek to understand the fears and desires of your people. All of them.

We will identify the guardrails for change, communication and change plans and we will identify the change champions within your organisation that will lead the change from within.

We will work with your finance, HR, marketing & comms and governance teams to ensure alignment for all concerned

How we can help you

Transforming organisations is where we excel. We have demerged and reimagined finance business, transformed corporate IT divisions through innovation to uncover new ways of working and helped many businesses reimagine new operating models.

We also practice transformation on ourselves.

We will take on as much or as little of the heavy lifting as you need. Our preference is to collaborate and co-create the to-be organisation with your people using human-centred design approaches and facilitation of workshops. We can support your leaders in finding their place in the new organisation. And we can define metrics and balanced scorecards to track progress and demonstrate success.

Our goal for organisation transformation is to make a positive difference and to leave you in a better place than where we found you.

Our principles will inform our engagement as both the guardrails and the guidelines for how we can improve your culture and align with your needs.

Our Services

Our Organisational Transformation Service offerings include:

  • Creating a Project Space and Visual Boards to demonstrate transparency and engender feedback
  • Project Inception workshop to develop a Lean Canvas for the project that aligns the team
  • Deep Dive Interviews – to probe areas of concern raised in initial interviews and research
  • Contextual Inquiry – looking at the difference between what people say they do and what they do in their own environment. Office relationship, meetings, stand-ups etc.
  • Discovery Brainstorming – Compiling initial findings to determine affinities and areas for deeper review
  • Situational analysis – to understand the reasons and root causes leading to change. And identify what is working well
  • Health Diagnostics – to create an evidence based approach to monitoring and managing team performance, change and identifying areas for improvement
  • Operating Model Design – how might we best organise and manage resources to effectively operate the business, deliver services as intended, and meet goals?
  • Organisational Design – shape how the business is structured and run. Includes operating model, guardrails, culture, ways of working, governance and risk management
  • Strategic Workshops– facilitate conversations, collaboration and co-creation about the strategic direction of the business through ideas issues and opinions in a relaxed and safe environment
  • Workshops – facilitate conversations, collaboration and co-creation through ideas issues and opinions in a relaxed and safe environment
  • Capability Uplift Planning and Delivery
  • Software, Hardware and People Change Implementation
  • Cultural Alignment through new ways of working
  • Stakeholder Engagement Strategy
  • Balanced Scorecard development and other development of baseline measures for key result areas; metrics dashboards and collection approaches for key result areas
  • Defining change experiments and hypotheses and facilitating workshops to uncover concerns and issues
  • Hosting Lean Coffee style catchup’s to broaden our understanding of the problem space
  • Stand-ups with Steering Committee or teams in the project space
  • 1:1 Interviews – either remotely or face to face
  • Showcase Planning – what information and deliverables will we share; who is the audience; what forums need to be involved
  • Interviews
  • Analysis
  • Risk assessment
  • Roadmaps
  • Planning
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