Organisation Review

Uncovering your true value

An organisational review is a great place to start when you are considering change in a department or an organisation. Organisational reviews don’t need to be onerous or take a lot of time and investing in a process of discovery will uncover opportunities to strengthen your business and uncover your true value.

An organisational review starts with a conversation with you. What has changed in your environment? What have you noticed? Where do you see problems or issues? One conversation leads to many conversations and interviews with people at all levels of the organisation.

From this, we analyse what we have learnt in relation to your culture, your business practices and methods, your financials and your operating rhythms and model. It’s as important to listen to what people say as what is left unsaid. Applying a systems’ thinking approach, and looking at your business as a whole, we synthesise our findings and present recommendations.

The goal of an organisational review is to create alignment and flow; to make work purposeful and to identify a roadmap that your teams can follow to unlock the value in your business.

What we do

Our experience and different perspectives, together with your understanding of your business, means we can identify

  • what is working well,
  • areas for improvement, and
  • uncover root causes

that are blocking value from being delivered. Whether you are a small business or a small cog in a larger business, or a large corporate enterprise, an organisational review should be considered on a regular basis.  A bit like a health check with a doctor.

In any organisational review, we will do three things

  1. Understand what you do today and where you want to be tomorrow
  2. Understand where your blockers are
  3. Plan to shift and enact change

We start to gain insight and to work with key stakeholders and teams to understand the as-is environment and to better articulate the objectives and key result areas for the business. Our engagement is underpinned by the principle of appreciative inquiry; we want to understand what is working well as well as areas for improvement; this supports engagement and creativity.  We use divergent thinking to explore as much of your problem space as possible and to generate creative ideas and options for solutioning.  We use a diagnostic framework to guide our interviews and investigation as well as other research methodologies to:

  • Understand current strategy and vision
  • Identify and revalidate known pain points, root causes and areas for improvement
  • Understand external factors, existing structure, key processes, how employees are rewarded and recognized, how relationships between peers and managers operate, understand how leaders lead and what are the supporting mechanisms
  • Define core business capabilities.

With a fresh set of eyes and ears we can flesh out roles and accountabilities.  We identify who makes decisions, and how or where decision making can be delegated and guard-railed to increase flow. 

At the end of an organisational review we present our assessment of the current state, options for the delivery of change and a plan and roadmap for delivery including regular mechanisms for engagement, information sharing, and feedback to ensure transparency and alignment of activities.

How we can help you

We can orchestrate a whole of organisation, business unit or functional reviews.  We can facilitate conversations, interviews and workshops.  We can run health diagnostic surveys and benchmarks to enable us to track nuanced changes in performance, culture and behaviour. We will synthesise our findings into an actionable plan and roadmap and we can guide you on the implementation and delivery of the change.

Where appropriate, Accuteque assists in the development and capability uplift of key people and may introduce Human Centred Design Principles, Business Agility and Visual Facilitation to support people and leaders through the change process.

Our principles will inform our engagement as both the guardrails and the guidelines for how we can uncover your true value and identify a roadmap for success.

Our Services

Our Service offerings include:

  • Creating a Project Space and Visual Boards to demonstrate transparency and engender feedback
  • Project Inception workshop to develop a Lean Canvas for the project that aligns the team
  • Deep Dive Interviews – to probe areas of concern raised in initial interviews and research
  • Contextual Inquiry – looking at the difference between what people say they do and what they do in their own environment. Office relationship, meetings, stand-ups etc.
  • Discovery Brainstorming – Compiling initial findings to determine affinities and areas for deeper review
  • Situational analysis – to understand the reasons and root causes leading to change. And identify what is working well
  • Health Diagnostics – to create an evidence based approach to monitoring and managing team performance, change and identifying areas for improvement
  • Operating Model Design – how might we best organise and manage resources to effectively operate the business, deliver services as intended, and meet goals?
  • Organisational Design – shape how the business is structured and run. Includes operating model, guardrails, culture, ways of working, governance and risk management
  • Strategic Workshops– facilitate conversations, collaboration and co-creation about the strategic direction of the business through ideas issues and opinions in a relaxed and safe environment
  • Workshops – facilitate conversations, collaboration and co-creation through ideas issues and opinions in a relaxed and safe environment
  • Interviews
  • Analysis
  • Risk assessment
  • Roadmaps
  • Planning
Orgnanisational Review Two people focused and looking at documents

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