ICT Strategy

Beyond technology

Once upon a time, ICT Strategy was just about the technology and platforms that support the “real” business. With the advent of cloud, cross-functional teams, agile delivery and value streams the boundary between where IT stops and “the business” starts has blurred considerably. For the better.

A well-developed Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) strategy clearly explains how your organisation delivers value and, as a business document, should be readable by any employee. It should align to the corporate vision, and in some cases may even pre-empt the vision if a technology runway needs to be developed first. If you add descriptions of your processes, your operating model and your infrastructure you have all the components to describe your organisation’s capability.

For some companies, where the technology and the product are one and the same, the ICT strategy may be the organisation strategy.

The ICT strategy provides the framework for decision-making. And a well-communicated and easily understood strategy will create the guardrails that allow employees to act with autonomy, mastery and purpose. The vision inherent in the strategy is the direction the company needs to head. Whether it’s a north star or a southern cross, teams can align themselves to be facing the right way.

What we do

Like many of our engagements, we start with a conversation to work out where you are and where you want to go. We will help you define how you will get there and how long it will take. To do this we can facilitate workshops, audits and health checks to understand your current situation and baseline your teams. We can:

  • Conduct an audit of your assets and capabilities including infrastructure, licenses, contracts
  • Conduct penetration testing to test your security and governance
  • Interview your “users”; the people that interact with your technology
  • Evaluate your development processes to identify areas of capability uplift. This may be Agile, Lean, DevOps, GITOps, Service Desk
  • Review and prioritise in-flight, planned and completed projects in terms of alignment to strategic direction
  • Work with finance and governance teams to develop costs and budget
  • Create the roadmap, plan and communications strategy to turn vision into action
  • Create the rhythms to ensure the ICT strategy is reviewed, improved, and updated on a regular basis.

Our vision for your ICT strategy is that it seamlessly aligns to your organisation, that it supports increased transparency and visibility of information, and where ICT becomes its own centre of excellence enabling broader, deeper and more inclusive collaboration across the whole of business.

How we can help you

Accuteque has supported many companies in planning for their future. This includes undertaking an organisational review to identify new strategic directions, changing their operating rhythms and transforming to more contemporary operating models. These are all supported by a strategy and a roadmap.

We are technology and platform agnostic, so you can trust that our advice is unbiased, and we won’t be getting a kick-back for recommending hardware, software or infrastructure.

This is your journey – we act as facilitators and bring our experienced network of professionals to the table to collaborate and co-create your specific ICT strategy and vision.

Our broad experience in developing strategies covers councils, consulting and other mid-tier organisations. We are also users of our own product and we have recently reviewed and implemented our own cloud-based ICT roadmap and plan that has allowed Accuteque to continue uninterrupted in the face of COVID-19.

Our principles will inform our engagement as both the guardrails and the guidelines for how we can help you to imagine a new ICT strategy that goes beyond your technology.

Our Services

Our Services include: 

  • Creating a Project Space and Visual Boards to demonstrate transparency and engender feedback
  • Project Inception workshop to develop a Lean Canvas for the project that aligns the team
  • Deep Dive Interviews – to probe areas of concern raised in initial interviews and research
  • Contextual Inquiry – looking at the difference between what people say they do and what they do in their own environment. Office relationship, meetings, stand-ups etc.
  • Discovery Brainstorming – Compiling initial findings to determine affinities and areas for deeper review
  • Situational analysis – to understand the reasons and root causes leading to change. And identify what is working well
  • Health Diagnostics – to create an evidence based approach to monitoring and managing team performance, change and identifying areas for improvement
  • Operating Model Design – how might we best organise and manage resources to effectively operate the business, deliver services as intended, and meet goals?
  • Organisational Design – shape how the business is structured and run. Includes operating model, guardrails, culture, ways of working, governance and risk management
  • Strategic Workshops– facilitate conversations, collaboration and co-creation about the strategic direction of the business through ideas issues and opinions in a relaxed and safe environment
  • Workshops – facilitate conversations, collaboration and co-creation through ideas issues and opinions in a relaxed and safe environment
  • Risk assessment
  • Roadmaps
  • Planning
  • Capability Uplift Planning and Deliver
  • Software, Hardware and People Change Implementation
  • Cultural Alignment through new ways of working
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