Cybersecurity Training and Awareness

Bridging the Gap in Cybersecurity

One of the most effective ways to prevent cyber attacks is to ensure that employees are well-educated and aware of the risks associated with cyber threats. However, many organizations struggle with developing and implementing an effective information security awareness program. In conjunction with our partner SecurEyes, we provide Annual Information Security Awareness Program Implementation/Management services to help organizations develop and maintain effective awareness programs that reduce the risk of cyber attacks.

Annual Information Security Awareness Program Implementation/Management

Customized information security awareness programs that address an organization’s specific risks and compliance requirements.

  • Engaging and interactive training materials, including videos, e-learning modules, and interactive quizzes.
  • Training sessions for staff to educate them on the latest cyber threats and best practices for protecting against them.
  • Ongoing support and guidance to help organizations maintain their awareness programs and ensure that employees remain vigilant against emerging cyber threats.

We understand that one size does not fit all, and our team works closely with organizations to develop customized awareness programs that fit their specific needs. Our approach focuses on making the training engaging, interactive, and tailored to the organization’s unique culture and environment.

Our experts provide ongoing support to ensure that the program remains effective and up-to-date, and employees remain aware of the latest threats and best practices for protecting against them.

Cyber Security Trends Workshop for Senior Management

A training program that provides senior-level executives with an in-depth understanding of the latest cyber security trends and threats. The workshop covers a range of topics including the evolving cyber threat landscape, the latest attack techniques used by hackers, and the emerging technologies being developed to combat cyber threats.

The workshop also includes a review of the regulatory environment and compliance requirements in the cyber security space. Participants will gain a better understanding of the importance of cyber security risk management, including the need for effective incident response plans and business continuity management strategies.

In addition, the workshop covers the latest trends in cyber security tools and technologies, including threat intelligence, advanced analytics, and machine learning. Participants can develop their understanding of the capabilities and limitations of these technologies, as well as best practices for their implementation and use.

The workshop includes interactive sessions and group exercises to reinforce learning and encourage discussion. Participants will leave with a comprehensive understanding of the key cyber security trends and threats facing their organization, as well as the tools and strategies needed to protect against them. This training program is essential for senior executives who need to understand the risks and challenges facing their organization and to make informed decisions about cyber security strategy and investment.

Specialist Training for Team Upskill

Get in touch to know more about specialist training in following spaces:

  • Secure Coding Guidelines for Development Teams
  • Application Security Offensive Testing
  • Network Security & Hacker Exploits
  • Vulnerability Assessment Principles
Why work with Accuteque

At Accuteque, we are dedicated to making a difference in the Cybersecurity space, with a strong focus on helping Australian businesses, including financial institutions, SMEs, not-for-profits, and government organisations.

Our Application Security Assessment services are based on industry best practices and frameworks, such as OWASP, SANS, and CIS Controls. Our experts across Accuteque and SecurEyes work closely with organizations to understand their unique application landscape, business operations, and compliance requirements, and develop customized assessment strategies to identify and mitigate application vulnerabilities.

Our industry domain expertise enables us to assist organisations in complying with industry regulations such as the APRA CPS234 and the upcoming CPS230 for financial organisations. Through our strategic partnership with SecurEyes, an ISO 27001:2013 & ISO 9001:2015 certified specialist cybersecurity firm, we provide comprehensive cybersecurity solutions tailored to businesses in Australia and New Zealand. By partnering with Accuteque for Application Security Assessment, organizations can identify and remediate application vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by cyber attackers, protecting against costly data breaches and other security incidents. Our experts provide ongoing support to help organizations stay ahead of emerging threats and ensure that their applications remain secure and compliant.

Our Team and Approach

We are a community of highly skilled, highly motivated practitioner leaders. The Accuteque team are active within professional networks, committed to ongoing learning, and focused on delivering excellence in GRC and cybersecurity services. We have a proven track record of success in the finance sector, as well as organisations such as Swinburne University, Council of Intellectual Disability, AGL Energy, CBUS, NDIS, and the Department of Defence. Our partner, SecureEyes, has extensive experience providing cybersecurity consulting services to banks and insurance firms within India, the Middle East, and the USA. SecureEyes’ Cybersecurity software solutions have won international awards and recognition in the banking industry.

Our strong commitment to building relationships, listening to our clients, and taking a holistic approach sets us apart from the competition. With decades of collective experience in testing, risk management, and governance, we bring practical, hands-on expertise to help your organisation incorporate risk into its daily operations and culture.

Our people-centric approach ensures that we engage and communicate effectively with those involved in and impacted by change from the early stages of a project, fostering acceptance and adoption in the long run. We prioritize transparency, visibility, and collaboration in our work, empowering our team to innovate and achieve outstanding results for our clients.

Cybersecurity team training

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