Cybersecurity Products

Empowering Businesses with Joint Cybersecurity Solutions

Award-winning cybersecurity products from our partner SecurEyes to digitize supervisory activities for regulators, automate compliance management and regulatory reporting for enterprises, and manage supply chain cybersecurity risks.

SE VulTrac - cybersecurity

SE VulTrac

VulTrac is an advanced vulnerability tracking and compliance solution which collects, consolidates, and maintains weaknesses by enabling the user to import them from any source. Its customized remediation workflow adds value and is suitable for any industry segment. Read more

SE RegTrac - cybersecurity products

SE RegTrac

RegTech and SupTech platforms are suitable for both regulators and corporates. RegTrac digitises supervisory and regulatory activities to enrich the capabilities for supervisory oversight, generating near to real-time risk indicators, thereby assisting in risk-based supervision and regulation. Read more

SE TPTrac - cybersecurity products


TPTrac A complete view of third-party risk for the enterprise; performs supply-chain risk assessments to monitor and manage risks; and gives predictive intelligence to proactively secure your business. Read more

SE CompTrac - cybersecurity products

SE CompTrac

CompTrac standardises and automates risk and compliance management processes within the enterprise. Demonstrates accordance with laws, rules, and regulations to regulators and key stakeholders using a single integrated window. Read more

AI Bias and Ethics

AI Bias and Ethics What's Hot in Tech - A vicict4women eventTopic: Intelligent Systems: Automation, AI and ML Digital Innovation Futures 2023 Opening Cyber DebateTopic: The cyber risks of using AI tools like ChatGPT outweigh the benefitsIntelligent Systems:...

Cybersecurity Awareness: Essential Resources for Businesses

Cybersecurity Awareness Essential Resources for Businesses As technology continues to shape the way we do business and interact online, cyber security has become a critical concern. With cyber threats constantly evolving, it's essential to take proactive steps in...

Cybersecurity Partnership

Cybersecurity Partnership with SecurEyes Technical expertise with industry insight Cybersecurity Partnership with SecurEyes Technical expertise with industry insightCybersecurity partnershipBuilding a secure futureAccuteque is proud to announce a strategic...

Innovate for Equity

Innovate for Equity Bringing diversity into cybersecurity to protect everyone.In the month of February, I was part of a few events that were cybersecurity related. The first was a panel about "Women in Security", hosted at Splunk. Another was my own talk at "Test...
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